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Ecological Cleaners Hum is the simple way to take care of all your garments needs! 125 Mont Royal, Montreal Qc H2T 1N9

Eco- friendly cleaning system that leaves no odour or residue in the garments, it is safe for the environment and for health as well


  Wet Cleaning is a non toxic, environmentally safe alternative to dry cleaning and it is not the same as laundry or regular cleaning   One of our experienced pressers will touch up your shirt by hand after it has been machine pressed to ensure that are delicately finished

Top of the line tailoring done on the premises. Zippers, hems, patches, seams, button replace and any other repair you may need


  We clean any down fill comforters and down fill pillows. This ensures you have a clean and healthy bed and reduces the accumulation of allergens   We wash and dry your clothes in separate machines for each customer, then your clothes are neatly folded and wrapped up nice and tidy

We clean your gowns by environmentally friendly cleaning system. Our experts taking extreme care to inspect & spot treat every gown individually


  We treat every jacket separately by following the manufacturers recommended care instructionsa and we guaranty on fur trim and leather trim jackets   Leather and fur is done right on the premises. Each piece is treated separately by our highly trained staff to ensure your complete satisfaction
We are providing a healthy & safe carpet cleaning service that are organic, non-chemical, non-toxic, and safe for your family, pets and the environment  

We take great care in removing those stubborn stains, food stains or candle wax from your table cloths. Professionally cleaned and expertly pressed


Take advantage of our pick-up & delivery service. We will pick-up your dry cleaning and deliver it back to you at your home or work place


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